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Custom Software Design Services

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Progressive and Responsive Mobile Web App Development in Schaumburg and Chicago

Custom Software

Mobile Web and App Development Custom software companies build applications to client's strictest specifications. This implies that the client understands the challenges they are facing and the set of solutions that's optimal for their situation.

But our interaction with the small and medium-sized businesses over the years has proven that the customer might have a hint of their problem but possess little insight on the type of solution that's warranted. At Vélan Solutions, we take the time to discuss the challenges of our clients in depth, understand their current business processes and then draft a solution that repairs the systemic issue holistically.

The optimal solution that we propose might be a software application or a hardware device or a cloud service or a hybrid of all three. We have many tools in our toolkit that enables us to engineer the solution that meets and exceeds our clients' current demands while providing them with a flexible and scalable platform for future enhancements.

iOS App Development


  iOS platform is the most popular mobile OS in US and parts of Europe. It’s the second largest mobile OS in the world. Between iOS and Android, the two platforms cover almost 98% of the OS market.

Android Apps Development


  Android platform is one of the leading mobile OS in use around the world and is open source as well. This lends itself very well to innovative and creative applications.

Custom Software


  Mobile web technologies are getting more prosperous and powerful by the day. New capabilities are being added steadily to make the mobile web experience similar to that of a native.

Systems Integartion


  We all know that our custom solution will have to fit like a glove in a larger scheme of things or that we will have to provide interfaces that enable other components to work with our solution seamlessly.

PWA Development Chicago and Schaumbgurg


  With progressive techniques, most of the features which were only possible on native apps, have become available on mobile web. Hence we provide web apps that are now a compelling alternative to native or hybrid techniques.

Responsive Web Development Chicago


  We design and develop websites that are responsive, adaptive and progressive. All our websites are SEO optimized by default and score high in performance such as loading time and adhere to web standards and best practices.

Custom Back-end Software


  We provide backend support by providing API & web services to interact with data warehouse and perform business operations. We will work with your choice or we can provide recommendations based on your application needs.

SEO Optimization


  We realize that having a dedicated product and project management team is not always financially viable. So, we are glad to be an extension of your company to help you manage technically challenging projects and bring to life your product ideas - all the while working within budget and delivering quality results on time.

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