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Chicago Mobile Web App Development  Imagine you are an assessor working for an insurance company deployed to an hurricane ravaged part of the country. Your job is to record the conditions of the site, mostly buildings - residential and commercial, assess the damage and report back the inspections in a formatted manner to the insurance company. Each site could take about an hour to fully inspect - take relevant pictures of the site, note down particulars of the damage, etc., What kind of tool do you think you would need to efficiently collect all the information about the site? Enter MyAdjustiMateapp. You see, today, without this specialized app, inspectors would rely solely on their device cameras to take pictures of the site and as we all know, the camera stores all the files in a roll sorted by time with file names that's not human readable. MyAdjustiMateapp solves all that problem by archiving pictures that the inspectors take in a manner that is easy and super efficient to be directly uploaded to reporting softwares such as Xactimate, etc.,

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