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Mobile Web and App Development  This was a multi year project that culminated in the most awesome product that we were ever involved in. This was really an achievement because we literally built the system from the ground up in a little less than 3 years and achieved the stringent business deadline of Dec 17 2017, the day on which the Federal Mandate for Electronic Logging Requirement went into effect.
The DriverConnect System by Rand McNally was built to track the hours of service of a long haul truck driver and log those hours electronically to prevent manual unintended errors and intentional misrepresentation of actual driving hours. As we know, the truck drivers are paid by the number of miles they haul the loads on highways and not the number of hours they are actually on duty. So, the drivers are incentivized to drive more which could lead to accidents on the highways when drivers are tired and fatigued.
The DriverConnect System included a hardware piece that would connect to the diagnostic port of the truck and transmit vehicle data such as ignition, speed, etc., to the mobile apps that would continuously calculate and update the various timers for the truck driver and inform them when to take a break and when to get back on the road again.

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