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Mobile Web and App Development  Let's say you are a contractor that buys 10s or 100s of identical looking items and distributes them with your staff. And if some or all your staff are working at the same work site, invariably, you will run into the problem where the staff can't tell apart or distinguish their items. So, how would you solve this potential conflict situation amicably? You could tag the items with physical tape or use markers of different colors (assuming you have 100s of unique color markers). You could....except that those are still not idiot proof and prone to tampering. So, we developed a system of tagging the items with RFID chips that use mobile devices' NFC capability to read what's on the tag. So, as a contractor, you could program the items with the names of the staff that you dole out the items to and no one else will be able to overwrite it except you. And the next time when there is a situation that needs the items to be identified, the staff could whip out our app and tap on the item to read the owner information.

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